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Thread: Skil 1825 Router opinions

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    Skil 1825 Router opinions

    Does anyone have an opinion on the Skil 1825 router?. FWW rates it a best value & as a beginner I was thinking it might be a good place to start.

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    Hi Dennis, sorry I have no opinion on the router, but maybe others would be able to help with it if you told us what you plan on doing with the router.

    Would this be a handheld use router?

    Would you be putting it in a table?

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    I saw the review and I've seen the router. If you are just starting out and don't know yet which facet of this wonderful hobby might catch you, I would think it's not a bad deal at all. It is certainly way better than the first router I bought.

    The router is not as refined as some of the others in the test but at $90 for a combo kit; I've paid more for a bit. This would allow you to have (at least according to the review) a pretty serviceable plunge and fixed base router to learn on.

    You've probably read the reviews by owners on Amazon:
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    I have the 1820 which is essentially the same machine without the interchangeable feature. I like it for all the features, plenty of power, ease of use, accuracy and especially ergonomics and comfort in hand. I got mine after reading reviews that rated it above some much more expensive brands and models. That said, I realize that it lacks the bearings and durability for heavy, continuous use. As with most of my tool purchases, at the price, if it lasts me ten years, I can discard, buy another and still be money ahead.
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    I don't have one, but I did read the reviews on It looks like a decent set to start out with. I think a big plus is that is has both 1/4in and 1/2in collets. This will let you take advantage of a lot of 1/2in bits that are not an option with some lower end models. Also having the flexability of the 2 bases is a good thing too. I mounted my fixed base in the router table, and use the plunge for anything I need to do by hand.
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