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Thread: Drum sander from Treadmill

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    Drum sander from Treadmill

    I am in the midst of a great thought. SWMBO has determined that we (she calls it we) need to remodel the lower level (common folks call it a basement) and in doing so we must rid ourselves of the guy stuff such as Neon Beer signs, stuffed fish and deer and such. (why all MY stuff?)

    Anyway, the Treadmill has out run its usefullness as a place to store folded laundry. It still works but even Salvation Army or Goodwill won't except them as donations... must be a score for sale in the paper. Mine is old beyond compare. Can't give it away... So.... I was thinking of ravaging the guts from it and using the slow-fast speed control and the drum to make a drum sander. Can the rest of the works and make a thickness sander to compliment my shop.

    What do you think? Any advise? Anyone done it?

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    Looks like it could have merit, try the "Wait and See Method"

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    I guess it's possible, but I think you will have to find a way to speed the drum up quite a bit, because the top speed, (at least on ours) is Waaaaaaaay to slow for a drum sander I think. If you can find a way to
    re-gear/pully/belt it to speed it up, you may lose the necessary torque to pull the drum when it loads up as yoiu start sanding.

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    I have always thought of making a belt sanded out of one, put it on leggs.

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    I'm thinking it would be great to use it for the feed side of the drum sander. I think your halfway there

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    Go for it. We need pics. when you finish it though.

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