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Thread: Mammoth Tusk

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    Mammoth Tusk

    Sometime ago I emailed Luke Phillips about a piece of Mammoth Tusk a friend got me on his Alaska trip.

    I was going to make a pen from it but Luke thought he might be able to do a little something with it.

    I am glad I skipped the pen idea as the tusk had many cracks in it.

    Luke did a "little" work on it. I thought he would laser it but no he scrimmed it with a very high speed tool and what he calls his needles.

    Little does my friend know but thanks to Luke he is getting a true muesum quality piece of art work.

    I do some laser engraving that some call art, but I think of myself as a tech type, no art ablity at all. On the other hand Luke Phillips is a true artist.

    The tusk is about 4 inches long.

    Thanks Luke for a GREAT job!
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    Very cool, Pete. I like the presentation case, too. Did you make it?

    I was just thinking the other day that I'd not seen or heard from you for a while. How's the golf game treating you?
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    Golf treats me like it does most people, just good enough each time to make you come back.

    No I did not make the case and surpriseingly nither did Luke. He said he picked it up local to him. He did laser engrave the case and the mirrored back.

    With his skill at hand grinding I am surprised he needs a laser.
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    Beautiful and also beautiful presentation case.
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