I drive around in a Highly visible vehicle all day for work. It is always amusing to hear the comments about my rolling billboard. Yesterday I bumped into another rolling Prius billboard, and of course I just Had to take pictures of the two of them together.

Destiny USA is the sponsor on the other car, my company does real estate info, they do... well, noone is quite sure What they do. THey're trying to build a 'destination' near the Carousel Mall in Syracuse. But other than clean up some industrial space and level the ground, I'm not seeing a whole lot of progress, personally. Anyway, they supplied some of their employees with some pretty cool wheels:

No we didn't drive up the steps, the fountain behind the cars is in front of a prominent building, and I'm sure the driver of the green car parked there for maximum exposure. After all, when one is driving a rolling billboard, one does get lots of 'face time'.

The cars are not painted that way, but rather are wrapped in plastic printed with the imagery, much the same way that city busses or trucks, only on a much smaller scale.

I'm partial to my bumblebee, but I must admit to having a slight bias.

I sent this off to my supervisor, and I hope the powers that be like the imagery.