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Thread: Ajust.... Build Something....Ajust

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    Ajust.... Build Something....Ajust

    well its been a while but I thought I would show the new Project I am working on now. This is a sample cabinet I did to see how I would like this style cabinet in my home...I am still ajusting and tweeking thinkgs to get them to cut like I want them to cut among gardening building a sidewalk, trim work on my home...I thought retirment ment resting

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    That's what I've been told by some to expect from retirement but others tell me different. I guess it's all in how you learn to speak your language. One guy told me the other day to learn to say NO!!!

    Your projects are lookin good. I especially like the walkway but it sure looks like a lot of work.
    I once heard that cats and women will do darn well what they please and that men and dogs would do well to accept it and just go on.

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    Thanks Jim, Believe me it is a lot of work. I guess I like being active too so I just need to budget my time better.

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