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Thread: Spinning Top and Cap

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    Spinning Top and Cap

    Turned on the Rose Engine Lathe, Bloodwood, Ebony and Holly.
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    Very nice......

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    That is GORGEOUS, Jerry. Could you tell us what its size is? Thanks.


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    Hi Jerry
    You have developed a quality that is seldom seen these days.
    I believe each one of us in the woodworking arena has that dream of bringing the real pride in craftsmanship back.
    I suppose we have made some great improvements in our world but you have no idea how sad it makes me to see stamped plastic replace the artistry of wood working.

    Keep up the good work!


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    Again, can only say: WOW!
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    Another nice piece, Jerry. I like the holly accents on the top of the top. (Not to be confused with the top tip of the top.)
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    Thank you all for your comments! The Top is 2" tall, it required a lot
    of close-up detail work due to its small size.

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    Beautiful Jerry. Just love'em.
    Bernie W.

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