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Thread: finishing mahogany

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    finishing mahogany

    got my dovetails done, "tails front to back" came out good. now getting ready to finish. was going to use stain,sealer,filler and wipe on poly. not sure about the sequence. last time i used filler on mahogany it didn't come out to good. any suggestions? gerry

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    Thanks Steve, that sounds esy enough, one other question. Im am going to use an inlay border, how do I keep the inlay from absorbing the stain?

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    3/8' on banding Steve, somewhere I heard of sealing the banding with shellac and wiping it off after staining the whole piece. Little leery of doing that .

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    Jeff Jewitt had an article in FWW recently on just this subject - #178

    ( if you have a subscription online)

    Basically seal the inlay with shellac, lacquer or 3M tapes (or both seal and tape). Then tone or gel stain the rest.


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