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Thread: Web site 'Take 2'

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    Web site 'Take 2'

    I found a new program that creates the menu's and on my computer it shows up in both IE and Firefox. It would also do a couple of things the other one would not. Mainly I could put the menu where I wanted to on the page and was not as limited as I was.

    Here is what I was wanting to do. I am not running a poll because I like it!
    I have no doubt I will tweak it some. May change the colors after I look at it a day or two. But over all this is what I wanted. It will allow me to add a lot of pages and keep the menu manageable

    An the photos don't work on this pager either. It's just a temporary page.

    New page with menu
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    Viewing with IE 7 in Vista...

    Centered menu has fuzzy letters, especially "W"s... The pics on the main page are not loaded, but clicking on them brings them up. Selecting a menu item, causes the centered menu to dissappear and a new expanded menu appears on the left side of the page. The letters are very clear on that menu.

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    It looks good in Safari - the Mac OS browser.

    One thing that I noticed was when I clicked on the "N AL lumber sources" link I had to scroll down an entire screen to see the body of the page. You might want to have someone who uses Windows check that link, just incase it was how my browser read the page.
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