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Thread: Jewelry box for SIL

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    Jewelry box for SIL

    Hi Folks, Just finished this jewelry box comissioned by my SIL. Its mostly Honduran Mahogany with Desert Ironwood for accents, interior components of poplar and baltic birch. 16" tall, 18" wide and 13.5" deep. The inlay on the top doesn't have quite the contrast I'd hoped for, but it's better than the picture shows, (inlay made from bookmatched pieces of Ironwood burl BTW) Finish was 6 or 7 coats of Frombys gloss tung oil finish wiped on. I rubbed out each coat with brow paper bag in between (works great if you havent tried it). This is my third version of this design, each one gets a little bigger. Have no idea of the hours on this, but it was a heck of a lot. Now I've got to pack it up and mail it to Richmond VA. I'm a little concerned about the high humidity there causing the drawers to stick (I'm in AZ). I managed to take several pictures during the building process so if I get up the energy, I will post a tutorial of some of the things that work well for me. Cheers, Barry
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    I'm normally a little selfish with praise but here I have to comment that this is gorgeous.

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    That is wonderful, thanks for the post! Someone is going to be very happy!


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    The inlay and the bookmatch are Great!

    I'm sure she will love it.
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    Hi Barry,
    That is a beautiful piece and by posting the pictures it will be accessible for a long time, even if you loose the photos. Thanks, and good work.
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    Woa, that's just absolutely beautiful. Great work on all counts. Thanks for showing the pics, and I'd like to see your progress pics and tips when you have time to post them.
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    Very nicely done Barry

    Beautiful wood, excellent design
    Cheers! - Jim

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    That is gorgeous!!! The drawer proportions a very nice. I love the use of grains. The inlay is stunning. Very well done!

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    Great work!! I would love to see a tutorial on how you did it
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    Wow Barry, nice work indeed!

    Sure glad my lovely wife did not see this one

    Yes, she wants a jewelry box, I've got to get around to making day

    I too would love to see a tutorial on how you did this great work!

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