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Thread: Minor Wood Score!

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    Minor Wood Score!

    Over the weekend my Dad asked if I could plane and cut a piece of oak flooring to size for him. It is to be used as a bar to hang towels from in a bathroom. It will be mounted in a ceramic holder on each end, which are glued to the wall with mastic.

    In return for this pretty simple operation, he gave me a bunde of oak tounge and grove flooring to keep. This was from the house he built for us right before I was born.... so this stuff is over 30 years old. Some of it has a little water damage on the end, but overall it is in good condition. nothing a quick run through the planer and a sanding wouldn't take care of.
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    Great Get Sean, and when you consider the source, fantastic!
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    Yeah, I agree with Stu

    When I was a kid, my Dad built a workbench using T&G oak for the top, laid up over plywood. It sure took a beating!


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