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Thread: FWW Visit in Georgia...

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    FWW Visit in Georgia...

    Denise and I had the pleasure today of meeting Dave Willis and his grandson Corey. Dave drove down from South Carolina to pick up the DW733 lunchbox planer I was selling.

    It was fun to have someone that's been following my Birth of a Shop thread from the beginning actually get to walk around and see first hand what he's been reading about since way back at the creek!

    I hope you enjoyed the tour Dave. And know that you're welcome back any time you decide you want a road trip south! I'll hopefully be setup and working real soon, so you'll get to see more than a sample board being passed over those machines on your next trip

    Oh, and as we always say "No pictures...didn't happen". Well it happened!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And before I forget, thanks to Denise for taking a break from the office to come out and shoot a couple of pictures for us!

    Thanks for the visit Dave and Corey!
    - Marty -
    Fivebraids, Inc.
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    Dave looks like he got a lot more than just a planer out of the deal, but a great, first hand tour of the Studio

    So Dave, how was it...?
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    I enjoyed meeting Marty and Denise.I also enjoyed the visit and the tour of the shop inside and outside.Those of you that have met them already know what great people they are.I felt very welcome and could not have been treated any better.I was impressed with the shop and the equipment in it.Thanks Marty for the demonstration of the tools.I saw woodworking tools I have not seen in person and watched them in action.
    Stu,you are right,I got a lot more,I met two good people and had a great visit.
    And for the picture police Marty posted Pistures so it really happened.

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    Looks like a great time. It is always a pleasure meeting someone that you have been acquainted with online!

    Dave, congratulations on the planer and the opportunity to see Marty's "studio"! It's an opportunity I'd like to have. Does it look as good as all the pics?

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    Hi ED,
    The pictures Marty has posted are good pictures but it looks better live and in person.The amount of space is fantastic and would be really be nice to have in any shop.When Marty says he's running out of room he is right,but for my simple tools I would never have that problem.It takes a lot of space for the class of tools he has.The slider alone takes a lot of space for the slider part to go from stop to stop.I never imagined that it would take so much space untill I was standing beside it in Person.I could talk about Marty's shop all day but I think you get the idea of how impressed I was with it so I'll shut up before I get too boring.
    Thanks again Marty and Denise for the hospitality and thanks Marty for the tour.It was a pleasure to spend time with you.

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