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Thread: Shop storage

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    Shop storage

    Hi everyone

    Well, I got sick and tired of tripping over stuff and searching for tools and moving around old cans of paint so I spent my spare time over the past week or so trying to do something about it.

    First, I built a tool cabinet from the Wood Magazine plans (thanks Nancy)

    Then I built a plywood storage rack, the black line denotes the "do not pile zone" that SWMBO (funny how LOML morphs into that other creature from time to time).

    Then some clamp racks and phone storage, and oh, I think there's a gloat thrown in here as well. Guess I need to learn how to organize text and pics, but until I do, thanks for looking.

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    Jay, that looks really great! I'm already going through my stacks of woodworking mags for 'once I build the shop' projects. My list is getting too long already, so I've got to steel my will and say 'NO' to a bunch of things, until several important honeydo list items are crossed off.

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    Guess I can't upload as much as I thought

    Here are some more pics of storage/ the AC installation from last month, and the new addition to the router family as discussed in this thread

    Thanks for looking

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    Well, I am having trouble downloading pics, but let's try to finish this off The AC unit was installed last month, thanks for all the advice on filters etc. I know it was awhile ago but eventually it got done, and boy have I needed it the past several weeks.

    Thanks for your patience
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    Looks good Jay! Definitely something I need to work on!

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    Hi Jay,

    Man, your stuff is so organized and clean I cannot stand it. When mine is picked up and cleaned up a bit I really look forward to going out there and doing something. When it gets junked up and dirty it has the opposite effect on me. Well done!!!!

    How is the new sheetgoods storage bin working out for you? It looks like that it works well.
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    I invited my friends on a 3 day cruise to see it all. Got A/C, & a Tool Cabinet, Got Router/trimmer even sheet good storage galore, I got every single luxury not like Robinson Coruso & never will be.
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    The sheet goods storage is working great, I put two casters on it, one on the free end, the other on the hinge end to take some of the load when I was attaching it to the bracket. I used the ends of the piano hinge left over from the tool cabinet job for the hinges, I was concerned that maybe they weren't strong enough but so far so good.


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    You are inspiration.

    Need to get going and work on my organization.

    WoodWorking, Crappie Fishing, Colts, Life is good!

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    It all looks very good, I also built the wall cabinet, with some variations.

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