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Thread: 1851 Timber

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    1851 Timber

    Just got done competing these benches for a special order.

    They were made from 100%, 1851 barnwood timbers, even the slats & seats were sliced and diced from the timbers. Couldnt use the siding as it was only 5/8 and the back and seats are made 1" inch thick.

    The back (sides) was tilted 5 degree, next time going 7 degree. Made the back with 2 pcs dowelled to create the 5 degree, never again. Didnt have thick enough wood to make it out of one pc.

    Not bragging, but didnt have a print so had to wing it. Next time will get a print to make it go faster.

    Also completed three other projects that came all together at once, will be getting pictures tommorrow.

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    Very handsome pair of benches, Bob. Really look nice! I love reclaimed wood - gives a bit of history to 'new' things. Maybe it's just the pic, but it looks like you even finished them to have the old barn look - very cool.

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    Very nice job, Bob. It's great seeing new life out of old wood. They look like they ain't gonna blow away in a windstorm, too.
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    Those are great, thanks for the pics


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    Superb! Thanks for sharing those pics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Armstrong View Post
    Maybe it's just the pic, but it looks like you even finished them to have the old barn look - very cool.
    They are to go on inside enclosed porch. Too bad they could stand the wind heavy enough.

    Yes after the cuts looked like new wood even though
    it was 150 year old. So had to finish them to make them look old again.

    The wood must have been beech. It had the makings
    of looking like oak, but didnt cut like oak.

    Thanks guys for all the nice things said

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    Those look great. I agree they look quite at home in the sunshine and would be impressive outside the porch.
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