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Thread: How would you construct this

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    How would you construct this

    I'm considering build a free standing TV cabinet. The first pic shows the 2 outside support 'legs'. There will be cainetry constructed between these supports for DVD/cab;e box etc... and a plasma on top of the cabinet overall its about 28" high and maybe 40" wide

    The supports will have top and bottom caps with dados to accept the curved vertical piece.

    Second pic is just the vertical piece that has me scratching my head. The radius of the ends are 4". I want use figured veneer for these pieces. I'm thinking veneer over wiggle board. I have a vacuum press but I cant quite see how a bag could confom to the multiple curves. As far as a form would I need to cut many MDF pieces and somehow stack them every 3-6" inches vertically

    Appologizes if the pic doesn't adequately show where I'm headed but the construction of the curved piece has me to stumped to go much further in the design.

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    I could see using a glue up of MDF for those tight radius bends--probably for the shallow ones, too.

    Another thought would be to create some internal forms and glue up some thin layers of plywood over them.

    Veneer would obviously go on afterward. Where would you place seams? Could you make the assembly in pieces and put them together after veneering them?

    Edited to add: If you send me your SKP, I'll draw what I'm thinking.
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    Thanks yeah the more I think about it may be internal light weight MDR forms every 3-6 inchs then skinned with wiggle board. Then veneered. I'm concerned about weight if I go solid MDF pieces all the way up all the way up.
    The seems would need to be on the flat part probably in the center.

    PM'ed the skp

    oops cant PM an enclosure sent it to your email
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    You might consider coopering the end pieces, possibly avoiding the need for veneer in the process.

    Or you could form the tight end radii around PVC pipe, wrapping wiggle board around and epoxying on. The middle parts would likely be ok with a former at top, bottom and mid-height.
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