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Thread: Somedays you just got to love your job!!

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    Somedays you just got to love your job!!

    Today was not one of them!! Doing an inspection for a lady in the middle of a divorce. Wants to document the condition of the house because it needs a lot of repairs. Smart idea.

    When I get there I find out the the soon to be be ex-hubby is not such a nice person and she wants to be there "just in case" he comes home. Oh great! Now they tell me.

    Several leaks in roof so I want to get in the attic ASAP before it heats up and I want to know if there are any rotten spots so I don't fall through when I get on the roof. It's rather small and it's hands and knee crawling space only. (Bless whoever invented knee pads!!). I am at the far end and I hear a mans voice. Great! It turns into shouting. No getting out of here quick and I'm not sure if I want to get out honestly.

    I figure I am here so I am going to finish inspecting the space, Once out I am not going back in there. By the time I get over the living area where my ladder is I here the lady on the phone with the Sheriffs department. Tells them her husband has pulled down the ladder and her Inspector (ME!!) is trapped in the attic and he won't let me down.

    Then he says yea, and tell them I have gun too! BTW he said that VERY sarcastically so I didn't take it serious. Well, I am safe so I just find a reasonably comfortable position and just settle back and listen. Waiting to hear what happens. I figure I can call 911 if I need too.

    Apparently he heard me because about that time he hollers up and asks if I am ready to come down. Honestly I wasn't so sure I wanted to but said yes I was. I hear the ladder bumping around and the lady puts in back.

    I played dumb and he starts saying he didn't know I was up there, I didn't answer him when he hollered. Well, I never heard him call me. Just them yelling at each other.

    Since I didn't know what really happened I just went along with him and stayed out of it. To my surprise and probably because the Sheriff is on the way he is more or less nice to me. Asked me what I was doing, who hired me and if he could have a copy of the report. Explained it was his house too.

    I asked him if he was asking me to leave? He said, no.
    I then asked him if he was allowing to me continue? Do we have a problem? He said No.

    So I went on about the business till two deputies finally showed up. He hasn't done anything and it's house, so nothing they can do. He tells them he is leaving so there is nothing to worry about. He leaves they talk to me and I go back to work. 5 minutes latter he is back. My client calls the Sheriffs office again. He pulls in the drive sees her on the phone and leaves.

    They come back and I asked them if they could stay while I did the crawl space and they couldn't but said he would stay close on patrol just in case. I told him I knew how to dial 911 and appreciated it if would stay close for about 15 minutes and I would finished under the house.

    As they are leaving guess who they meet at the end of the driveway? That was my cue to get my inspection of the crawl space done. I figured they had him tied up for a few minutes and if he was up to something he would leave and not be back for a while. Long enough for me to finish and get the *expletive ommitted* out of there!

    Bad boy home inspector
    God grant me the senility to forget the people I never liked anyway,
    the good fortune to run into the ones I do,
    and the eyesight to tell the difference.

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    Sounds like a fun day! Did you hear dueling banjos in the background?

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    Gee, and I was feeling bad about my day!

    Thanks for lifting my spirits!!
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    At least it wasn't a boring day.
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    Man my job is boring.

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    And think, I thought about trying to become a house inspector a few years back! Jim.
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