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    Lidded box

    Well after seeing the one that Jerry made I am almost embarrassed to show this one. It is made from some Pecan that I have been holding onto for a while. It is 7" tall and 4" across. I used Minwax Antique oil followed by buffing it with Brown Tripoli then Jewelers Rouge. Man that Antique oil is great. It sure beats BLO. It looks like a BowTie if you turn it sideways. I am not sure why I did the design like I did but it was fun.
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    Very cool, Shawn. Real pretty wood, and nicely finished. (And like you, I really like my Auntie Coyle.) I've never turned a box...I admire the guys who do, though, especially getting the lid to fit just right.
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    Great looking box Shawn. I really like the wood.
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    Shawn....pretty little box! Beautiful wood and I like your unique design! I may steal that design.

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    Thats a very nice job and the wood really shouts out at you...


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    I see why you were hanging on to that piece of wood, very pretty indeed!

    How does the lid fit?

    I too have not made a box, yet, but I also worry about the "Fit" part

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    The lid fits great. I actually made it so that it has a rim that fits on the inside of the box as well as the outside. I didn't have a reason for doing it, I just thought that it would be fun to try.

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    Nice work Shawn, and thank you for the complement .

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    Shawn nice work I like the diiferent shape you came up with.

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