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    Question Grinder question

    I currently use a Woodcraft grinder with the Wolverine jigs. & have messed up a couple of Sorby spindle gouges trying different grinds. I was thinking of how many of you use the wet systems Jet/Tormek for your turning tools & would it be better to save my pennies for one of these systems? I know it's faster to change grinds with a dry grinder but how many of you use the wet systens for your tools?



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    Hi Chuck,

    I have both systems but, only use the Tormek on the flat work tools. The best thing for you to do is have an expert show you how to grind on the dry grinder. Having the jigs doesn't help as much as seeing how it's done. I mostly sharpen all my turning tools freehand on exactly the same grinder you have (woodcraft slow speed).

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    Chuck have you went to the Oneway site and watched their video's? I had to watch them several times but don't seem to have a problem now. Use the Woodcraft grinder and Wolverine jig. Just a thought and like Chris says if you have a club or someone who has the jig that can show you.
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