Hi folks!

Long time no see. I really should check in more often. Here's what I've got going. I've got a customer who is getting a house ready to put on the market. He's got a list of a few different things that need to be done. Most of them are no problem. But the big one on the list is to refinish the kitchen floor. I've stripped and refinished hardwood floors a few times and had good results. (I mostly install pre-finished hardwood) The thing is that this flooring is 5" plank pine. There are about three or four areas that need some TLC. I'll have to cut them out and replace them but that's not a big deal. The question I have is regarding the finish. There are some worn areas where the finish is pretty much gone and it just looks like plain pine. It doesn't look like it was stained. But the whole floor is a medium reddish brown color. It's almost like the color is in the finish and not coming from stain. Most floor finishes I see are just clear and you have to stain the floor first and then apply the clear finish. In fact, just about six weeks ago I stripped and refinished my family room. I rented a "U-Sand" from Home Depot and it's definitely the way to go! It's a disc sander that does a very good job of picking up the dust and doesn't make a huge mess. I think this would be a good option for use on a pine floor as opposed to using the standard drum sander. With pine I can just see me setting it down and ending up in the sub floor before I knew what was happening.

I'm going to make some calls tomorrow but just thought I'd see if anyone here has refinished pine flooring before and see what you used. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to just find a stain that's as close as possible to the rest of the flooring on the first floor and use that. I'll probably have to use some pre-stain conditioner and then stain and apply three coats of water based poly.

Thanks for any input!