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Thread: Pool Filter/Pump Housing Advice

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    Pool Filter/Pump Housing Advice

    I need to get some opinions from the collective wisdom here for something that I need to take care of quickly. The 'works' for our pool sit at the very back of our yard, right up against our board-on-board wooden fence. I was told when the pool was installed (Spring, '03) that I should try and build some sort of covering for the pump/filter so as to avoid any UV damage to the hoses. Well, I never quite got around to that. Now, I'm starting to see the beginnings of some hose wear, plus I'm just tired of looking at it. I want to build an enclosure that will allow easy access, but still protect everything. I need to have access all the way around the unit(s), from the sides and the top. I don't want to get too fancy. Pressure-treated wood will do. Please take a look at the pics, and possibly offer some ideas. Thanks very much in advance!!

    - Keith
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    About all I can think of would be some sort of matching lean-to shed over the pump and filter. You could hinge the roof and/or on or more walls for access, or make the whole thing like a shell that could be lifted off if necessary. Something along these lines...very rough sketch.

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    Yep, something like Vaughn put up.

    4 posts, two taller on the back, then then some cross pieces to make it all solid, then put panels on all 4 sides, you have a cordless drill, right? Well, just put 4 good screws into each panel, that way, if you need to remove them, with your cordless, it would just take a minute.

    The roof, same thing, hinge it, and use two screws to hold it down.

    Good luck!
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