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Thread: Osage Orange lidded box

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    Osage Orange lidded box

    This is a shallow lidded box from Osage Orange with a Blackwood knob/finial. It's 5" x 3" plus the finial. I left a small bead on the lid to draw your eye away from the seam of the actual lid. (Did it fool anyone? ) The dark lines are weathered cracks that were already in the wood. The finial is a little heavy duty because the lid fits pretty tight and needs a little pull to get it off. Deft finish.
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    Beautifully done Curt! You sly rascal fooled me....

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    Love the OO and blackwood combo. Curt that is a fine job.
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    Excellent job, Curt. Everything about it looks spot on to me. Great piece of wood, sweet form, nice finish...everything.

    And I like the "tight lid" excuse for the beefy finial. Very original.
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    Lookin' good. I enjoy turning OO also.
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    Nice wood and a great design. You did a good job.

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    Nice work I like the wood and the finish.

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    Very nice. I like the little top thingy.

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    Hi Curt,
    Nicely done piece,with good design and execution.
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