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Thread: Table Saw Dado Question

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    Table Saw Dado Question

    I am in the market to upgrade my 6in wobble dado to a stacked dado. I picked this up a while back before i knew any better.

    I was considering the Freud 8in stacked dado set, model SD208. It seems to be going for between $95 to $105 depending. Seems like a reasonable price from a well known blade manufacturer.

    Any suggestions or recomendations?
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    Sean, I've got the Freud and have been happy with it.

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    There was a recent post over on another forum and this set was highly recommended.

    Now if they just made it for a 1" arbor!
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    Got the Freud as well and don't have any complaints. I have used my router table more for dadoes than the table saw though.
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    I had a Freud at work and an DeWalt at home. Both are good!


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    Hi Sean - I had the SD208 set for ~ 3 years and thought it was very good, but I gotta admit my DW7670 makes a cleaner cut. It has twice the teeth, an added chipper, very good shim stock and a nice carrying's also often in the same price range.

    DW7670 review

    It's also now available under the Delta logo as the 35-7670:
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    I got lucky a few months ago and stoled the last one from our local Farm & Fleet. I was in the market and saw it sitting on the shelf for what seemed forever. Offered the department manager $50.00 to clear it out of his way and he actually thank ME!!!! Anyway, been using it for a few months and would buy it again without question. Knowing then what I know now at full price I would be glad to get it.

    Best of luck!! Ken

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    I have that set. Its ok, not great, but ok. Dadoes are not as flat as I would like, but they are easy to clean up with a couple brushes from a plane.

    Freud stuff goes on sale at Amazon pretty often...
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    The SD508 wins a lot of bake-offs. Of course its another hundred bucks though.
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    I had the SD208 and upgraded to the SD508. A HUGH difference !!!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	freud-tools_SD508.gif 
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    The 4 cutters vs. 2 are all the difference. I think this will apply no matter which one you buy.

    I would have liked to have the fully adjustable Freud, but my arbor on my old saw is not long enough. After using the SD508 for a project ( my router table) I don't regret not having the fully adjustable one.

    I know it is a lot more money, but I think this is something you only buy once.
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