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    Poplar Vase

    This is the first time that I have tried to turn something this big. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The vase is 12" tall and 9" across the top. I was only able to hollow out 9" of the inside. I do not have a captive rig so I was doing this freehand with a Monster tool. I thought that it was going to rip my arm off a couple of times when it would catch. The wood was very dry so that didn't help any either.
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    Glad it worked for you! The vase is pretty cool and the grain pattern is great!

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    Cool stuff, Shawn, and real pretty wood. I'm sure it was a workout getting a piece that big hollowed out, especially dry. Dunno if it would have been possible for you on this one, but sometimes you can adjust your tool rest so that one end goes partway inside the hollowed out part, and that helps you get a bit deeper. That way you don't have to hang 9" of the tool off the rest.
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    Nice vase Shawn! The fact that you were able to get 9" of that hollowed without using any captive system is impressive. I don't have a captive setup and I struggle getting 5" into a hollow form or vase. That's also some pretty wood.

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    Shawn that is a good looking vase. Nice job.
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    Shawn very nice .What kind of wood is it?

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    Wow, that Poplar sure has some nice grain to it, I always think of Poplar as rahter plain.

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