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Thread: how many power outages do you have?

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    how many power outages do you have?

    I live in a semi-rural area. We have two electric companies. One mostly serves the nearby city, the other is a co-op serving rural areas. I'm on the co-op. We experience power outages, sometimes frequently. I'm curious, for those of you living in rural areas, how many power outages, even brief ones, do you have a month? Don't count during severe weather. I'm after the no-good-reason failures. I'll start.
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    I'm 'out in the country,' several miles from the nearest town. One of the first things I did when I bought this property was buy an 8500 Watt generator. In nearly three years now, I have NEVER used it.

    By contrast, my sister lives right in the middle of town - the one that's four or five miles away - and she had two outages just last week. Both outages lasted several hours, but last winter she had one that lasted three days. Mine never even blinked... Go figure...
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    I have 5 - 6 a year...but storm related. 7500W and 4200W generators. Out 6 days is the longest I've had...this past January.

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    Frank.....I couldn't vote because of the limited options. I experience maybe 1 or 2 a year......

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    I voted never also, since all the other choices were too frequent.

    We have the occasional bump/brown/lights-brightening-momentarily event, but those are usually storm/wind related. (I'd say that wind causes more outages than rain or lightning or ice/snow)

    We also, maybe once a year, have a unexplained outage which I -sometimes- later find is the result of a car accident (someone striking a pole).

    But I can't remember when we've had one that was longer than an hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Fitzgerald View Post
    Frank.....I couldn't vote because of the limited options. I experience maybe 1 or 2 a year......
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    Not one hour after my last post and we've now had TWO blinks here at work courtesy of a summer thunderstorm. But I've got a UPS on my computer so I don't care. Still, a good excuse to stop work and go stare at the rain for a while -- which we so desperately need -- and chat with my coworkers.

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    Hi Frank.

    We are on a two county coop. When we moved here in 12/02, we were having 5 or 6 outages per week. Most were in the order of a few minutes with the occasional 30 minuter thrown in.

    In 2003 the coop installed a new 20 megawatt substation about 3 miles from us. The also ran new 7200V lines with new poles. Things improved to maybe 2 to 5 outages per year.

    Last summer, the coop installed new dual voltage pole transformers up and down our road. When that was completed, they switched us, and everyone else, from 7200V to 14400V coming up to our pole pig.

    We are outside the city of McKinney, but there are new housing developments going up everywhere around us. I call them the slums of 2030! The coop has to supply the power for these new projects, so they doubled the voltage on the distribution lines.

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    Hi there Frank,
    I'm a country boy too. About every three months we will lose power for a few hours and the day will be as pretty as you could want. No reason what so ever for it other than antique systems they refuse to replace. Its strange too because they were rated one of the three most expensive utilities companies in the United States the hurricane season before last.
    It was during that season, when we had three known hurricanes and two tropical storms out there working their way toward us that I bit the bullet and had a 16,000 watt LP Guardian installed. Now when the power goes out it takes 60 seconds before the Guardian takes over the whole house.
    I thought it was extremely expensive when I looked at the unit. What I didn't know was it cost as much to hook it up as it did to buy it.

    The bad thing is, it's not hooked to the shop.


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    I live in the suburbs of Buffalo, and we loose power maybe once every 3 or 4 months. Usually it is due to a storm. We were smacked pretty hard last October, when a suprise heavy snow/ice storm hit the area. I have a couple of low wattage Honda camping generators on semi-permenant loan (I'm storing them for a relative) that I can run my sump pump and fridge & freezer if necessary.

    I think I'm getting the same rain that Art is getting in London, ON as we are not all that far apart.
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