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Thread: Driftwood?

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    Hey, folks,

    I'm in Milford for this week, at MIL's cottage. It's nice, quiet, relaxing... but there's no woodworking here... Only actual action is general handyman fix-it stuff. I guess I need to learn how to vaction...

    About the only thing I've noticed of interest is more than a few hunks of driftwood. Some of them are 10 to 12 inches in diameter. Anyone ever put driftwood on a lathe? Should I even be considering it? There's no way to tell what kind it is, without cutting into it...

    Yours, in vacation langour,


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    bill, driftwood is usually chock full of sand-n-rocks....enjoy your vacation!
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    I've not heard of anyone turning driftwood, but it surely is doable. Like Tod said, you've got a good chance of finding sand and rocks, so I don't know if it'd be worth the risk. On the other hand, I've run into rocks in madrone burl, and the root ball I turned a while back had a bit of junk in it, too, so like I's doable.

    That said, I kinda suspect the driftwood's prettier on the outside (all weathered and such) than on the inside, so it may not be worth the effort.

    I hope you're having a great vacation, Langour Boy!
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    Dont know about turning it, but my sister happened to send me pics of this stuff about a week ago. Absolutely amazing what this lady does with driftwood.
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