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Thread: How to - Skip Trowel?

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    How to - Skip Trowel?

    I have a little repair project and would like to "match" the skip trowel texture on the wall.

    I have never done this, and wonder if someone could give me a hint about how to do it. Does the type of joint compound matter? I know it looks a lot easier than it is, but perhaps there are some secrets that will get me a leg up on the process.

    Thanks a lot!

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    The trick that's always worked for me is to call my brother-in-law. He does a pretty good drywall texture. Actually, I'm probably not much help, but I do know he just uses regular old drywall mud. He just messes around with it on the wall until the look is what he wants, but I don't know any specifics on how he gets to that point. I think a lot of it is just doing it and getting the feel for the different textures different trowel actions produce.
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    Have a read here might shed some light.


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    If its the fairly ubiquitous knock-down texture you see in everything built after about 1970, then its fairly easy to match. Trouble is you need a texture gun and good sized air compressor. Using thinned down drywall mud, you spray it on fairly lightly, and after a while for the mud to set a bit, knock the high spots down with a taping knife. For small repairs you can buy aerosol cans of stuff at HD or the like, but its a pricey way to do it.

    Now if you're talking about older stuff, thats actually plaster, then its in some respects easier, and in some respects harder to fix, mostly depending on how it was originally done (there were many more finish options before the mud gun).

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