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Thread: New Duginske Band Saw Book Out

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    New Duginske Band Saw Book Out

    I placed my pre-order some months ago for Mark Duginske's new band saw book. I just received the book last week and have read most of it. It is clearly written and not embellished with too many words . . . to the point. It includes a good section on blade selection. He addresses blade tensioning by asserting that the tension scales on the machines are an adequate means of determining proper tension. Excellent illustrations and up-close photos showing good detail.

    At the time I placed my order at Amazon, the book's price was about $13.00 - well worth the few bucks for another insight to using what for me is a primary shop machine. I find, like others on this forum, that the bandsaw is a great way to do my rip cuts.

    The New Complete Guide To The Bandsaw, by Mark Duginske, 2007, ISBN 978-1-56523-318-8

    I have no affiliation with either the author or Fox Chapel Publishing
    Jeff Wright
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    I have "The Bandsaw Book" by Lonie Bird, which is also good, but I can imagine the Mark Duginske brings even more to the table!

    On my "Want List" for sure!

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    Hi Jeff. I also received my copy of Mark's book.

    We had a very spirited discussion over on SMC when Mark and an engineer published the same findings in Popular Woodworking. The point of contention was that while the Carter gauge came back to zero, it said nothing about the actual readings it presented. Eventually Mark agreed to run the test again using a jig that had known tensions applied to the blades.

    When I get a chance, I want to read more of the book. It looks like it is a detailed book on the subject of band saws. The believe Mark is an honorable man and tries to present the facts in his books.

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    I followed your link to SMC, and slowly lost the will to live!

    Your man Duginske may play a mean bandsaw, but boy, does he take himself seriously!

    I'll be sticking with Lonnie Bird and Jim Tolpin for my bedtime reading...
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