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Thread: major league hollow form

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    major league hollow form

    Hey, folks,

    I've got way too much time to browse the web...

    This hollow form goes from a 600 pound log to a 12 pound standing vase. Sadly, he paints it at the end:

    His "monster" gouge is 2" diameter steel, with a light attached... wow...



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    He has a lot more guts than I'll ever develop. What is the monster lathe he has that will handle that log??

    I agree that it's sad that he paints them and covers up the gorgeous wood. Wonder why he can't just sell them "natural"??? I liked it better before it was painted.

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    The lathe looks like a Oneway. He is using pretty uninteresting soft wood so painting might be the best way to make it attractive. Dunno. Matter of taste. Looks like he has the system down pat. And if he gets big enough money for them I sure ain't going to criticize.
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    Sure glad I don't have to sweep his floors
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    First question that comes to my mind is how would I get this log mounted on my lathe?? Next thing to ponder is the fact that the wood will be wet so he needs to finish it right away, no sitting out over night.

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    If you go to his site, IIRC he has a small manually operated fork lift of sorts and it shows him mounting logs using it.

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