Rockler is no longer going to be carrying their black 4in & 2 1/2in dust hoses. They are only going to be selling the clear ones (more expensive). Their website only has the clear ones now.

Not knowing this, I stopped in the Rockler near me (Buffalo NY Store) today to get some dust hose and fittings. Much to my suprise I found that they were selling the last of their stock at a super discount.
4in x 10ft black hose for $9.99
2 1/2in x 10ft black hose for $5.99

The 4in normally goes for around $20 and the 2 1/2in usually goes for about $18.

So anyone in the area doesn't waste a trip; they only have the 2 1/2in left. However I'm sure they are clearing these hoses out at other stores around the country.