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Thread: Got Free Plans??

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    Got Free Plans??

    I just thought I would drop you all a quick note and invite you all to a free plan website I started. Nope I don't have many plans, infact right now I only have one set but the list will grow!!! I came up with the idea while reading various posts on various boards and thinking with just a little more work I should post my plans. A little more work you say well I actually have a part time woodworking business where I draft a plan, research and track down hardware, at times need a cutlist to help with pricing so after all of this what's left?? probably a pretty good set of plans that all I need to do is organize so... here ya go,

    And please feel free to contact me should anyone download plans and find something to be missing, incorrect or incomplete.


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    thanks ron

    thats a gracious offer you have in the works there, definatly in the family helpin family personna
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    Awesome, this will be great, thanks for doing it.
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    Nice plan. I'd love to see more. I've been thinking about a dog dish holder like the one you have pictured.

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    Thanks guys, slowly but surely I hope to build a nice collection some basic, some complex but hopefully all very unique plans The dog dish plan I am hoping to have completed within the next week or so, and following on it's heels will be a toy box, then maybe a TV hutch, a dog crate that doubles as a piece of furniture the list goes on and on

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