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Thread: geeze!

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    i hope everybody is building stuff? `cause the site`s been pretty slow for the last few days......kinda hard to justify sittin` on my butt in the a/c if there ain`t nuthin` goin` on....
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    Well, I work in the summertime, so time is a bit scarce, but I did build a few trellis ladders for our garden (me and my sweetheart) and I'm about to try that jointer tapering technique that (I think) Bill Lantry posted about. just to see how to do it.

    Here's the trellis ladders at work holding up my tomato plants (it's pretty simple woodworking, but it "is" woodworking ...)

    In the front with the trellises is tomatoes, marigolds, petunias and pansies. behind them is Russian garlic, baby carrots and little green onions. The bed with the lattice back has green filet beans, yellow wax vine beans and beets. The bed at the far right is pototoes. The wooden barrel (behind the LH cardboard tube tub is herbs. The right hand cardboard tube tub is vine cucumbers and the centre cardboard tube tub is cherry tomatoes.

    That little tiny garden will feed my sweetheart and I with enough surplus to keep my parents and son (with his roommate) in veggies as long as they're fresh.


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    I'm glad you mentioned that Tod. I've been thinking the same thing. I haven't been doing anything that I think would be interesting to others but I guess I'll just have to break down and show some pics of the shop clean up and other misc. stuff I've been burning my time on. At least folks won't think I've nodded off in front of the PC and am pulling a Rip Van Winkle.
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    You can always go over too........... never mind.

    Working on building my business and not getting much shop time. Not really complaining cause work provides money to finish up the restorations. I am finally seeing some work/income at a steady pace. But I am SO READY to get in the shop and make sawdust instead of trimming copper and exciting electrons into phazed state.
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    I dunno Todd, I've been doing my bit. I did slack off last night, but I'm about to go finish the floor tonight, since I've got daylight for awhile yet.

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    I think nice weather has folks outside. A penturning forum I belong to has been real slow lately, as has two muzzle loading forums.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tod evans View Post
    i hope everybody is building stuff? `cause the site`s been pretty slow for the last few days......kinda hard to justify sittin` on my butt in the a/c if there ain`t nuthin` goin` on....
    Hi Tod,
    That down time can be really hard on a man . I know when I don't have a job going or the phone doesn't ring for a couple days and I am not making something I feel like people don't like me and my quality is not enough and I may never get another job I may as well sleep in and waste my day I am just about worthless as a human being could be . OKAY ENOUGH!!!!!
    People are going to call, what do I need to build for my family ? People do "like" you, you are kind at heart, it shows ! Pride in your work is so important, you "are" good , you will be flooded with work soon(fortune cookie) , get some rest and DON"T FEEL GUILTY , and you are very important and have value, as a man, a father, a husband and provider/ protector .
    Hang on, remember ebb and flow. You want to be Ebb? or Flow?
    OHHHH were you talking about our Forum or your work load?
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    I think it's because Tod went on vacation, so everybody else just pulled up stakes for the summer, too.
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    Well then turn off the AC and sweat a bit Tod
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    hey tod

    were sorry that we are behind in the up date department dont leave us,, i promise i wil post more pics this wknd. got the last part of the outside walls anchored last night. got 46 ft on interior walls to do and am done with the walls
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