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Thread: Dust Collection Ductwork

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    Dust Collection Ductwork

    Which method do you prefer for duct collection ductwork?

    I should probably qualify. I realize that many of you are forced to have it one way or the other depending on your shop. I'm interested to hear how you would have it if you could have it either way.
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    My PVC ducting runs up from my DC (2hp Penn State, with cartridge filter) into the shop's attic, then across and down thru the ceiling in two drops - one for the 14" bandsaw, and one for the router table/drill press/SCMS.

    I also use that one for the jointer, the planer, and the Performax sander, all of which are on mobile bases and are just wheeled over for use.

    At the DC, there's a Wye connection, and I use a flex line on one side to run to the cabinet saw, or the 16" bandsaw. The 'hard' ducting from the ceiling goes to the orher side of the Wye.

    Oh yeah, it's all 4" ducting. I've found it perfectly adequate, since in my one-man shop, only one tool gets used at a time.
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    I'm planning on going up with mine, I could run it under the shop, but since I'll have 10' plus ceilings, it won't get in the way there.

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    I didn't have a choice, but I would still do it above. With a cyclone, the inlet is already up high anyway. The only way to do it low is if there was a basement to the shop and the cyclone was down stairs. Come to think about it, the pipe would still be high in the basement, but come through the floor in the shop!! Now if I could build the shop of my dreams, it would probably be with a basement that the mechanicals would be in, and have a drive out door so lawn tractors and tools could be stored there as well, then the shop would be a little less cluttered. Jim.
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    In my current shop -- which is a long/narrow basement with a half-insulated wall along the side. (weird code, thats what it was 20 years ago) -- it made the most sense for me to run the pipe horizontally along the one wall, tucked under the half wall. All my stationary machines are along the wall anyway, and this way the DC does not have to power the suction to reach all the way to the ceiling.

    This method would not make sense for almost any other type of shop, IMHO.

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    I had the choice since I designed and built my shop from scratch. I chose hanging the ductwork from the ceiling for three reasons:
    (1) More straightforward connection the the cyclone
    (2) Easier to get at
    (3) Easier to modify should I move machines or acquire new/different machines
    Cheers, Frank

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    Don't have it now, but I think my ideal shop would have the ductwork under the floor. Looking at Marty's shop, it just looks cleaner and less obtrusive. I like Jim's idea of a walkout/driveout basement under the shop for the mechanicals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Clardy View Post
    Most of mine is under concrete.

    Yes I would do it again.
    I am glad to hear that. Right now I just drag hose from machine to machine and it does get in the way somewhat but I do not think that it is in my way as much as it would be with hoses hanging down all over the place. When I get the chance mine is going to be under the floor like Steve's is.

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    This is what I have now....

    My next shop will probably have it hung from the ceiling, on walls.

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    rob, the main concern with d/c in the floor is access.......if you design with access and the ability to clean out clogs in mind the floor does look cleaner.
    then again you`d better be darn sure the machines are where you intend to leave `em......`cause changing is lotsa work..tod
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