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Thread: WoodMaster Drum Sander Owners

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    WoodMaster Drum Sander Owners

    I have a few questions…..
    I am this close (thumb & forefinger almost touching) to ordering their 2675, 26” Drum Sander.

    • The Asian imports are a lot cheaper, are you still happy with your decision to go with the Woodmaster?

    • Did you get the reversing switch upgrade? Was it necessary?

    • Woodmaster sells infeed/outfeed table extensions, but when doing my homework, I never hear them mentioned. Did you get them, do you wish you had? Are they even necessary? They do look like they take up a lot of space.

    • I will need a mobile base. Is the one offered any good, or should I look elsewhere? I would prefer a Delta foot lever style base if I could find one that would fit.

    • What is the actual measurement of the machine base?

    • I would like a bigger 3hp DC but I would be boarder line, juice-wise, with the DS & DC running at the same time. I do have the 1.5hp Delta 50-850 1200cfm, with 1 micron bags. Do you think it will have enough wheaties? It does a great job on my Delta 18/36.

    • Do you get your paper from Woodmaster or have you found a better/cheaper source?

    Thanks for any information that you can provide. The Woodmaster is a fair chunk of change for a hobby wood shop, but I’m trying to get all the expensive toys before I retire in a few years.
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    bruce, i`m an ex-woodmaster owner does that count?
    as for the reversing`s a d/c servo motor
    i`d buy a woodmaster over the tai/chi stuff hands down!
    didn`t have either the feed rollers or mobile base so can`t say?
    as for d/c? again i don`t know as i`ve never owned one of the small units.
    paper is a disposable item.....i believe klingspore makes the rolls woodmaster sells? but any hook-n-loop will work.
    the big plus i think about the woodmaster sanders is that all the wear parts are off the shelf items, the drum spins in standard pillow blocks, the servo motor is a grainger stock item....the baldor main motor won`t ever give you fits. and if you call woodmaster you get an english speaking person who actually gives a hoot....tod
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    sent yu a pm and email bruce

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