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Thread: major score!

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    major score!

    Well, folks,

    Sometimes we get lucky. Me, I have to fix some chairs for MIL, and paint her back porch. So, it's off to the depot... which in Milford (actually, Orange, ct) is on the same main road as woodcraft. "Let's drop in there, doorlink, they might have clamps just as cheap?" Got a big eye roll over that one, but didn't get slapped, so I pulled in. sure enough, they had a boxed clamp set for 20 bucks. Columbians, but cheap as dirt: 2 24s, 2 18s, 2 12s, and 2 6"s. Then a bunch of little pinch clamps that James is already playing with. Not bad.

    But the big thing: I've been looking for bowl calipers, without success. But I found these

    and Doorlink was actually in a good mood. Yeah! My first sorby score! Got the 7" kind. No more 3/4" bowl sides, because I can't tell how thick the sides are! Hurrah!

    Also got a inches to millimeters measureing tape. Wanted a flat writeable story pole tape, but they were out. But who's complaining?

    But to earn all this, IO get to scrape, sand and repaint the back steps and railing. Today, since we're leaving tomorrow...




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    Congrats, Bill.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Lantry View Post
    But to earn all this, IO get to scrape, sand and repaint the back steps and railing...
    We'll do just about anything to get new tools, huh?
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    Nothing like a new tool to brighten the day!
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    wow! and to think you sound happy about scraping and painting the mil`s steps.....or is the joy from leaving the mil`s house......oh-yeah, tools, that`s it tools
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