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    Hi! new to the forum and would like to introduce myself. My name is John and I live in Scotland. On my birthday last year my family got me one of those spinny things plus the tools to cut the spinny stuff. Since then I have had some success but also some not. I am learning on my own and sites like this are the teaching aid I am using, and the learning curve has not seemed so great. When I have read the tutorial for posting pictures I will attempt to do so and please let me have your comments to help to improve what I am doing.

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    Welcome John. I met some of the nicest people I've ever encountered while traveling in Scotland. Its been too long, I should go back for a visit.
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    Welcome John. You already know how slippery the spinny thing is so just wade in with the rest of us.

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    Welcome John! Last year some inmates at another site and at this site gave me a lathe and tools and my life will never be the same!

    Lots of good books and videos on turning are a great help!

    Enjoy the Vortex!

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    Welcome to the family John, look forward to your pics!
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    Welcome to the clubhouse, John. Another new addition to the European branch of the family tree, and a turner at that.

    I'm also a web-taught turner who's not quite a year into bowls and five months into hollow forms, but I'm hooked like a hungry trout on a flyline. We're all learning from each other, so you'll fit right in.
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    Glad you found this place. Welcome aboard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by John Ryan View Post
    one of those spinny things plus the tools to cut the spinny stuff.
    First off Welcome John
    There are bunch of nice guys here.

    Now for your first lesson

    1.) "Spinny thing" is called a wood lathe. There is also a metal lathe.
    Question being which one did you get, wood or metal

    2.) "Spinny tools" are called Lathe Tools,
    Question being which ones did you get it for?
    Wood or metal

    Now turn to page..............for this weeks quiz.

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    Welcome! I haven't stepped into the vortex so I don't have a clue what you're going through, but I know that you'll have lots of support from the other spinners here.


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    Welcome to the board. The problem with Lathes (The spinny thing) is that it's kind of like a bug looking into a bug zapper. You know that you should't go near it but you just can't help yourself.

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