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Thread: Small Maple Burl Turnings

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    Small Maple Burl Turnings

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    Nice stuff, Thomas. That's some sweet-looking burl. Any more details? Size, finish, etc?
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    I'm sure that lidded box was a high risk project. One catch, go bye-bye. I like both. Can you put something in the picture to give us an idea of scale/size?
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    Thomas those are some fine turnings. Nice job.
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    That's are some great pieces. That's also some awsome burl. Nice work!

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    Sorry for the lack of detail and scale. Both pieces are about 3 1/2" tall. They are finished with a soaking in Watco Danish Oil, and buffed with the Oneway Buffing System.

    Both pieces were hollowed with a proforme straight hollower. The little vessel has an undercut top and is about 3/16" thick. The box is a little thicker to account for the fit of the lid.

    I'm not really happy with the form on the little vessel, however, the figure in the wood just pops. The lidded box is going to get rechucked as I want to taper the sides a bit and have a smaller bottom. I have about 1/8" to work with to keep the sides thick enough to not crumble. I tried to put a little detail on the top of the lid, but I was trying to do this with it fit on the box with the box chucked. I finally gave up and now have an excuse to get some cole jaws anyway.

    Thanks for looking!


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    Those are really nice, thanks for the extra info, good luck on the rechuck!
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    Thanks for showing them, I think they look really cool.

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