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    Bevel Sled

    I had mentioned in an earlier post that I wasn't satisfied with the bevel cuts I was getting on the CMS. This was on small, difficult to support hardwood pieces. Blade deflection that wasn't a problem on larger pieces became evident on the smaller work. Let's add a large dash of my inexperience here to be fair to the CMS.

    I've developed a method of sled building that I'm comfortable with and can knock out pretty quickly. I put together a small sled with hold downs to deal with the small pieces.

    Parts -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bevel Sled 1.jpg 
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    Hold downs borrowed from the DP table -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bevel Sled 2.jpg 
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    Forstner holes at the ends of the t-track allow easy t-bolt insertion and removal -

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bevel Sled 3.jpg 
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    You can see a couple larger sleds in the background of the second shot and as usual, my prowess as a photographer is evident .
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    Great idea and great work Glenn.

    You just keep getting better and better.


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    Nice job, Glenn. I like the holes at the ends of the t-track...I'll have to remember that trick. I know we discussed sled vs. miter gauge a few days ago, but I see another advantage to the sled in that you effectively get a ZCI in the process.
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    Way cool. Great idea for the hold downs.
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    Looks good! I have never put T track in the middle of a piece of wood. Putting the holes at the end of the track never occured to me. I might need to "borrow" that idea for something down the road.

    With the exception of your t track & hold downs, couldn't you have used a regular cross cut sled and just used a different ZCI? - one cut for the bevel?
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