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Thread: A Larger Bowl

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    A Larger Bowl

    Hey all, Here's a bowl I've been working on for a couple of weeks. The main part is made from a Mesquite root ball I salvaged. The top and bottom are Desert Ironwood. 12" wide by 9" high. The Mesquite was turned green and the Ironwood was seasoned so I had to wait for the mesquite to settle down and stop moving before attaching the parts. (I found out the hard way) Had the base separate from the body while on the lathe that was a near disaster. The design I kind of made up as I went along. Basically, I wanted to get as large of vessel as possible from the root ball, and it evolved from there. The other pic is my first crack at a shallow square bowl 7"wide by 1.5"deep. I found it very easy to make and plan on making more for gifts and such. Both finished with danish oil and wax (just wax on the Ironwood). Gotta love that Ironwood grain. The part that makes me giggle most is that I didn't pay a cent for any of the wood Cheers, Barry
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    That is some realy nice looking wood, I like your design also. Good work.

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    The bowls are beauties. I really liike the mesquite. Nice job.
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    Nice pieces, Barry. That's some great grain going on. What kind of wood is the square bowl?

    Isn't free wood wonderful?
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    I really like those turnings. Very nice!

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    Hey Vaughn, The square bowl is Ironwood as well, just from a different piece of wood and different lighting.

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    Very nice!

    Square pieces are a hoot eh?

    Kind of keeps you on your toes as them corners are flapping around

    Sure is nice wood, I had one piece of mesquite, boy it was nice to turn, like butter, loved it!.

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    That is one Loverly chunk of wood. The design is simple but embellishes the natural beautys of the wood. The finish is excellant, as well. Thanks for the posting.

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