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Thread: dirty rotten scumbucket.

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    dirty rotten scumbucket.

    Our daughter has been visiting us this week. Her husband, an Air Force airman, recently was deployed to Kuwait, his second mid-east deployment in two years. Last night she was very upset. I asked what happened. She had checked her bank debit card account on-line and found that it had been wiped out, except for about $5.00. In addition, the night before, about 3 a.m., she got a strange call on her cell phone from a man, not Andrew. She hung up immediately. Her caller ID indicated it came from Kuwait. Today, the credit card company called and told her that the biggest purchase on her card looked suspicious and they restored those funds to the account. Hurray for a good company. The other two would have to wait until later in the day for investigation. But, the company said the charges had been filed incorrectly. That, coupled with the cell phone ID should be able to pinpoint to the perpetrator. Sadly, it is probably another GI that got into Andrew's personal belonging while he was in the shower, the only time he is not in possession of them. This morning our daughter e-mailed Andrew's commander and proper investigative authorities. The jerk will be caught. He is just lucky I can't get my hands on his throat. I'm ....well...I can't say it here.
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    Very sorry to hear about that Frank, I sure hope your daughter and SIL get things fixed.

    Man, that is low.
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    Yeah, that is low. But it's a stupid thing for a fellow serviceman to do to a comrad. Commanding officer will deal with them quickly, and severely. When I worked selling stereos, all I ever worried about with servicemen was getting the commanding officer's name. Never had a problem with payment! Jim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank Fusco View Post
    He is just lucky I can't get my hands on his throat. I'm ....well...I can't say it here.
    Frank sorry to hear all this.......................

    When you get done can I take over............................

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