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Thread: Weekend Accomplishments

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    Weekend Accomplishments

    Everyone that played along and posted your goals for the weekend. Lets see what you got done.

    I finished up my RPC and that was my main goal.

    I was going to pull Creach-Tur in and work the rewiring but decided to play in the dirt with her instead. After a couple of hours in the heat I was wiped out and didn't do much else.

    Sunday was Church. And I did ride the tractor some more. Getting the back part of the back yard looking like a yard.

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    Went down to the houseboat and re-wired the entire electrical system (what a rat nest mess...) actually my son did the wiring as he is a master electrician. I watched and handed the stuff as well as crawled under the floor to chase the wires down and add additional, etc. Cut a hole in the consol of the Helm to hold a new Breaker box... really an upgrade from direct wiring and wads of wire connected to one single inline fuse. The original idea, I think was to let the dock fuse the whole system. (Boat built in '72) Back then all you used was lights and battery charger for the 12 volt system.

    But as WWing I made a pair of wood ladders to climb in & out of the bunks I made two weeks ago.

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    I actually did what I wanted and have posted the pictures to prove it! Now, if I can just get out next weekend and finish it!
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    Let's see how I did:

    Finish a small bevel sled for the TS. - Done.
    Mow the lawn. - Done.
    Inspect the sprinklers. - Done.
    Take down a cheap-o metal arbor that the previous owner left behind (almost two years ago). - Done, finally.
    Use part of the arbor and some tarp to build a shade area in LOML's dog run for her faithful companion. - Done, the dog loves me now.
    Sneak in some time to work on LOML's latest gift. - Done.

    OMG, this is a first . . . all done.
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    I had a great weekend. Friday night I powered up the sprinkler system and it worked!! Sat mid morning LOML and I took our 2 oldest dogs, litter mates (Up untill last week I had Daltons picture as my avitar, now Cory's is up there) out for a belated birthday trip. They were 12 yo on 6/10. We went for a ride, then got some chicken tenders from Chicken Express, and shared them at the park, then took a short walk. Sat afternoon I drilled out the mounting holes on the levelling feet that Bob dropped off Sat am and got them mounted. He also brought me 4 longsleeved t-shirts that will be perfect for winter shop attire, and a brand new Shark 9000-11 vacuum cleaner with an extra filter. This is the little vacuum that copier repair people use to clean up the toner dust on field repairs. Sunday I got up on the roof and blew off all the pecan tree droppings, got the weed eater started, and then tuned up the TS and got the bandsaw adjusted and up and running. I was really pleased with myself!! Jim.
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    Got my big cutting board crated and shipped. Got a couple more wet pieces rough-turned on the lathe, and one dried piece finish-turned. The finish is in progress on that will be forthcoming in a few days.
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    I finished the moulding around the garage, but still need a little touch-up painting to completely finish the job.

    Worked on getting the saw and adjoining cabinet (attaches to right side of table instead of extension wing) back together today and finally gave up in frustration. Frustrated mostly with myself for being so stupid at times. I scrubbed the top and got all of the surface rust off. It is silky smooth. I put the top on the cabinet, made sure the miter tracks were parallel to the blade, tightened down the top. Attached the extension and tightened it down. Attached the cabinet/extension table, worked with it awhile to make sure the top was flush with saw top, and tightened it to the table saw top. Began to attach the fence and realized that I have to raise the top to attach the fence on the back side of the saw

    I detach the extension cabinet and remove the bolts that hold the top to the cabinet. I slide the top (with wing attached) off far enough to be able to tighten the nuts on the fence bolts that protrude thru the edge of the top. I tighten them down snug and slide the top back in place. I realign it with the blade and tighten it down. I attached the cabinet/extension table, again making sure it is flush with the saw top. As I start to attach the fence on the front of the saw (which doesn't require raising the table because it extends far enough in front of the saw), I realize that I never aligned the back fence with the end of the extension wing. So now, it doesn't quite reach the end of the extension wing by about an inch and a half and extends beyond the end of the cabinet/extension table by about the same amount.

    Once I realized this, I quit, came inside to eat and relax awhile. I've since rolled the saw against the wall and rolled the motorcycle back into the garage for the night. I'll try to finish it tomorrow if I have time.

    Thanks for letting me vent,

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    I was so busy this weekend I really did not get to see that other post until Sunday Night. I know its not really right to join in on this one, but I was pretty proud of myself. It took me all weekend but I was able to wire up my new addition. It had something like 11 lights, 60 outlets, 12 GFCI's, a dryer outlet, a spare 40 amp wire for my shop and then of course the main 100 amp feed wire into my existing house.

    The last part was probably the hardest. I could kill the power to my box, but the power coming from the pole to the box was still lit, and I had to connect the ground and common wires to it. I was not scared per se, but it was not the safest I have been with electricity. Fortunately all went well and I got my addition fully powered up.

    And the outcome from all that wiring...well except for some wires swapped around on a 4 way switch, I did just fine. In fact I learned how easy it is to put 3 hallway lights connected to 4 hallway switches on a single circuit. I am no electrician, but it was all easy and glad I saved the 6 grand by doing it all myself.
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    Nice job Travis...and no scorched fingers either...awesome

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    I managed to get the top and legs glued up for the wifes art easel. I was forced to go to a cookout on saturday. Sunday a freind stopped by needing some help with some soldering . Then he stuck around for a few hours. It was nice to see him, I would have rather been in the shop getting my own work done.

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