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Thread: Hey, Vaughn!

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    Hey, Vaughn!

    Wow! Here's your next lathe:

    pretty amazing... But he won't ship to the east coast, for some reason...



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    You are a good guy to look out for Vaughn! Hey, Vaughn, WAKE UP!


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    Looks like quite the lathe indeed. A little long for my needs, and I'm hoping my next lathe will have more swing over the bed than this one does. (Outboard turning is fine, but you can't use a hollowing rig outboard.)

    Still looks like it could be a good deal, as long as this guy's reserve price isn't too far out to lunch.

    Dunno if I'd be advertising it has connections to a Shuttle engineer, though. I guess it's OK as long as he wasn't a tile installer or something.)

    Here's a guy who's giving away (in Illinois) the same lathe I currently have. All it needs is a $40 belt and about 30 minutes of repair time. I'll even offer photographic instructions for replacing the belt:
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    Right price

    The Craftsman lathe looks quite good,
    but how much to ship over to Scotland

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    I tell ya Vaughn if he was closer I would get it now. It would make a great starter lathe for the nephew. He has my old Delta midi but he is already eyeing my Nova DVR pretty hard.
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