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Thread: What was your first prank?

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    What was your first prank?

    We lived on 17 acres in a small town called Howell, Mi.

    When I was about 8 my cousin came to visit me from Detroit and spend a couple of days. He was about 2 years older than me.

    But it only took one day to get into trouble.

    Important info for the story

    1.) Dad had a Model A that he converted into a farm tractor.
    2.) Had a hen house with about 200 chickens, sold eggs to a store.
    3.) Had a cow for milk.

    Now here we go.

    My cousin and I played war...............
    We took an ax to that (tractor), it was enemy tank.
    done a good job of making sure that enemy tank would
    never attack anyone.

    Same Day.

    Got into the ememy ammo dump (coop) and gather up all the hand gernades (eggs) we could carry.

    We used those on the enemy (cow) made sure he wouldnt come across the divide enemy line.

    But in the end we lost the war.......the enemy attacked us with a belt, was in the hospital for a week.

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    i`ll tell a story on my father since he`s no longer with us.
    he`d been working on my uncles farm raising hogs all through high school saving money for his first "real" car.
    after graduation he was still short of the funds for the car he wanted so off he went to the local bank for a denied!
    now dad was one who didn`t like being told no, so next weekend on friday night, he drove his old farm truck to the bank and placed several dead baby pigs in the night deposit box and their dead mother in the foyer ......come monday the bank officials had a very smelly situation on their hands........
    immagine the ruckus that would cause in todays world!
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    Think I mentioned this on another thread.....

    Convinced my cousin that rabbit poop was really chocolate covered smart pills....he was smarter, after eating them.
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    The earliest one I remember ... hmm... I'm not sure which of these was first, but they were all around the same time...

    I used to stay over at my Grandmother's fairly often when i was about 4 or 5. Her house had a finished basement with lots of room to run around. They also had a pool table down there.

    I had discovered scissors recently and decided to cut the edge felt all the way around ... to see what was inside, of course!

    That one led to one of the very few bare-butt spankings i'd gotten...

    Similar to when I cut my aunt's alarm clock cord with a needlenose pliers that were near by ... WHILE IT WAS PLUGGED IN!!! The spark was neat, i didn't get shocked, thankfully, until after gramma came home! :P

    My aunt found a stray cat at Target one day and decided to bring her home. Gramma already had a black male cat and it was fun to watch them fight for territory. Well one day, the new cat was having babies (they must have made up) and we all marvelled at the number of cats. Unfortunately, there was one who was a runt. He didn't live very long, and was buried out in the back yard.

    Well we had a sandbox out there and I was playing with my cousins one day. We got to talking about that runt ... and I missed him. So ... i took my shovel and pulled up a half-decomposed kitty and brought him inside to ask grampa to fix it.

    I think that pretty much covers my stays at gramma's house. :P
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    Well, this wasn't my first, but it still is the best I think I was a part of.

    High school. SoCal. Long Beach to be exact. Senior year as I recall. There were 4 or 5 of us that always hung out together. We used to cruise late at night through neighborhoods looking for cars that people had left unlocked. This was '64/'65 so the steering and tranny [on automatics] wouldn't lock up with the key off.

    After we found one unlocked we'd push it around the block just out of site of the owners house. We figured whoever it was would probably go ballistic when they came out and found their car gone. And after the cops found it just around the corner, perhaps they would accuse the owner of just forgetting where he had parked the night before.

    Well, one night there were 6 of us wandering around looking for something to do. One of the perps [not me] suggested that we look for a VW Bug in front of a house with a porch big enough to hold the car. Finding the porch wasn't too hard. These were mostly post WWII homes with big front porches.

    We found one and the 6 of us proceeded to lift that VW Bug onto the porch. So here it sat about 3' or so above ground level on the front porch of what we hoped was the VW's owner. Oh, to have had a digital camera back then.

    We wanted to go back the next day to see the reaction of the owner and how they were going to get it off the porch, but somehow we were smart enough to stay away.

    We had a blast doing those kinds of things, but one thing we never did was destroy or damage anyones property. Move it maybe, but not damage it.

    Perhaps I've given out too much information. I'm sure the statute of limitations has run out hasn't it??

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    I was a pretty young lad and my older brother and I scrapped like all siblings do. It didn't take me to long to realize that all I had to do was say "Mean old Bu-Bubba." and my mother would come in and dribble him around the room for a while.
    I liked that idea and used it often. One day I tried it "Mean old Bu-Bubba." Magically, my mother appeared at the door way to the livingroom. She had a funny look on her face. I'm glad we had a small place looking back, less walls to bounce me off of. You see, Mean old Bu-Bubba wasn't home at the time.


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    I didn't have the good fortune to grow up in the country [like my own kids have], so my pranks were more city based.

    My best friend, Mark, and I made what pranks we could.

    Well, we got one of them new tape recorders [they were new then]. And we taped the following:

    "Aunt Doris, your pot roast is quite delicious. What do you put in it?"

    We then went to poor Aunt Doris, and asked her:
    "we're taking a survey. What is usually in a week's worth of your garbage?"

    You can imagine how the recording sounded. I guess we both missed our callings. We coulda been politicians. BTW, Mark and I are still best friends.


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    Hey Tod,

    Your story about your Dad reminds me of some urban legend I've heard - if you get mad, really mad at a bank, rent a safe deposit box. Then leave a dead fish in it.

    I loved your Dad's story. May his memory be honored.


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    Don's story reminds me of one we played on my sister. (Steve, if you read this, you'll remember. ) She was always getting into arguments with our mother and then going off to her room, slamming the door as she went in. The window in her bedroom must have been a 40" wide double hung. It had a roller shade over it. Steve or I would sneak in there and wind the spring up on that shade so it only took a breath of air...or a slamming door to trip it and make it go firing up to the top.

    Wap, wap, wap.

    Then in the fall when it was getting dark early, a bunch of us guys would go down the street with half of us on one side and half on the other. We'd wait for a car to come speeding along and we'd strike poses like we were playing tug-o-war across the street. The driver would see us almost too late and slam on his brakes. We'd high tail it for the bushes. Of course there was no rope.
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    There were a lot of stupid things done during my misspent youth that would best be forgotten. (Like paint-bombing the neighbor's house, using a prescription medicine bottle...with my home address on it.)

    Most of my good practical jokes were done as an adult. Once while working on a construction project out of town, a couple co-workers broke into my motel room while I was out eating dinner and "shaving creamed" the whole room. They put shaving cream on everything, including the pillow on the bed. Later that night, I rigged up a 5-gallon bucket on a 4-foot board, filled the bucket with water, and leaned it against the inward-opening door to their room (next door to mine). The next morning I was still in bed when I heard their door open, then a loud splooshing sound, then a very loud string of obscenities, ending with my name. The guy who opened the door was soaked, and had to change clothes before going to work. They didn't mess with my room after that, though.

    Another time on that same job, I helped set up the same guy (Mark, the water-splash victim) for another prank. I took him out to lunch, and insisted that I drive, so his pickup would stay on the jobsite. While we were gone, my co-conspirator Max lined the bed of Mark's truck with plastic, then filled it with water. When we came back from lunch, Max was standing in the bed of the truck fly fishing, complete with waders and fishing vest. Did you know that a bed full of water will pretty much bottom out the springs on a half-ton GMC?

    Another prank that still makes me smile was a couple years ago on SMC, when on April 1st I posted a a bunch of pics of my "kitchen remodel". (Actually pics of two separate kitchens, neither of which I built.) Even though I wrote a ridiculous description (recycled pallet wood and schlamaca doors & drawers, for example), there were a lot of people who congratulated me on the kitchen...for months afterwards, even after I explained later in the thread that it was all a ruse.
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