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Thread: Pocket Door Track Recommendations

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    Pocket Door Track Recommendations

    I am about to build a wall and install a pocket door. The wall will be wider than the standard 2x4 wall as the existing opening is in a block wall. Both sides of the wall are inside living areas. So the wall thickness to be built will be about 8 inches or so. I want to be sure the track I use is well constructed and a proven design to reduce future headaches. To reduce chances of a warping door causing problems I will use a raised panel hollow core door instead of a solid wood door.

    What track system (manufacturer name, etc) do you recommend?

    Also, any pointers for building the wall that you may have learned from making your own mistakes?
    Jeff Wright
    Treasure Island FL

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    I've installed Johnson Hardware's tracks before, about the nicest around, though I believe Stanley also makes a high end one. I never cared much for those huge pre-hung looking things, but maybe that's just due to to PITA of handling them compared to picking up the track hardware alone and some lumber. Home Depot had both Johnson and Stanley IIRC, but that may vary by area.

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    Make sure you don't have any screws/nails sticking through to scratch the door as it slides. This is most often an issue with drywall screws but, Given the thickness of your wall, this is unlikely to be a problem

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