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Thread: Greenlee CMT-60 clamp on amp meter

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    Greenlee CMT-60 clamp on amp meter

    Granted, not the best unit in the world, but hard to beat for the price. Picked this up on the BT3 deals forum. Lowes is closing out the above unit for $27.XX . Never heard the exact amount, and the girl at the Lowes I went to didn't know, so made my Xs 0s!! Digital 0-600 amp. Also has 2 leads, I'm guessing for low amp items. Haven't read the manual yet.
    So if you need one, check out your Lowes. Mine didn't have it marked that low, but they matched the price when I told them 2 other stores in the metroplex were selling them for that, according to the BT3 forum. Jim.
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    Jim, that's a heck of a good price on that meter, (and it's a good one too). I bought the Greenlee CMT 60 at Lowes in Lewisville about a year ago when I was there chasing some electrical Gremlins at my daughter's house nearby, (and naturally, I had not taken my meter with me) but it has worked well and I really like that meter. (I had to pay about $60, IIRC, when I bought mine though (+ tax), so you got a very good deal).

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