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Thread: 1961 Dodge Imperial WOW!

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    1961 Dodge Imperial WOW!

    My brother Ron lives in Lansing Mi
    He has been working on this car since...?
    Been featured in car magazines, won 100 hundreds
    of rewards.

    Worth the time to check him out. Can you do better/have better than this

    Here are still pictures about 6-8

    or at the top of the page is a long 6 minute video
    worth the watch from start to finish. In the middle
    gets little boring, but still worth it.

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    Man, that's quite a windshield defroster he's got on that car. He's put a ton of work into the whole package. Very cool.
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    Wow!!! Small world Bob, I live 18 miles from Lansing and I have gone to a bunch of car shows over the last 8 or 9 years and have seen your brother and his car at a lot of them. I have stopped while passing by the car and talked to your brother.

    It takes a lot of time to restore/rectify a car...mine took 1 1/2 years nights and weekends so I can appreciate your brothers work. Mine is nowhere near the "extra time" your brother put into his for the additional dragon features.

    Next time you talk to him ask him if he remembers a 69 Chevelle SS with a tri coat red paint job....I've won several "best paint" and "best 60's" with my old grocery gettter at a number of car shows.....and tell him I said Hi.
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