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Thread: Curlywoods?

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    There's a thread on another forum about CurlyWoods closing. I'm on the mailing list, but didn't get the Email... and the website has no mention of closing that I can see.

    Does anyone have any inside info?


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    not i......? sorry
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    I emailed them and they emailed me back in a few hours, here is what they said:

    "Hi Aaron,

    Yes I am closing the store. Weak sales have forced me to do this unfortunately.

    All the best,

    Michael Mastin
    Curly Woods

    Toll-free: 866-Mr.Woods (866-679-6637)
    1006-B N. Tennessee
    McKinney, Texas 75069
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    Borrowed from another forum

    Closing Sale

    I am saddened to inform everyone that Curly Woods will closing our doors on Saturday June 30th at 2PM. I have been blessed to have meet and worked with many wonderful people and I have made many, many great friends over the past six years. It has been our pleasure to have been of service to you and hopefully we have added to your woodworking enjoyment.
    May God bless and keep you always.

    Purchases less than $50.00 -15% OFF
    Purchases between $50.00 to $200.00 -20% OFF
    Purchases of $200.00 or more -25% OFF
    Saturday we will further discount all remaining stock.


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