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Thread: Question for Delta owners

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    Question for Delta owners

    A friend asked me a question today. He has a Delta 12" Planer, several years old. Reciently it has been making a snipe on the Leading edge when he feeds through. Not the trailing edge as they sometimes do. I'm at a loss to tell him the cure. But it seems that the head must be too low and lifting after the piece is being fed. It does not leave a snipe at the end, just the beginning.

    Any of you guys ever faced this? Don't know where to start except to open up and check for a chip or something holding it. What holds the head in place on a Delta?

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    Sounds like it is time for a tune up and perhaps some replacement parts. Could be that the pressure bar or pressure roller (could have either one) is not pushing the wood down.

    Look on Google videos and find Bob Vaughn's planer set up video. It is excellent and he explains how a planner works. You need those basics before you start adjusting anything. Planers are the most complicated piece of wood working machinery we typically use.
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