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Thread: Oh My! They have turning eye candy in Houston!

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    Oh My! They have turning eye candy in Houston!

    Just got back from spending 5 days in Houston. While there I was able to go to a number of businesses that have turning tools.

    Sunday my youngest son hosted a cookout for me and 6 others from SMC. It was a good time. Sunday evening we went to Chris Hartley's home where I got to turn on his new Robust American Beauty. WOW.....all I can say is Oneway has some US competition. Monday we toured NASA and the Johnson Space Center. Tuesday was turning tool day. We started at the Cutting Edge. I got to see big Mayos.....Oneways.....Jet.....Mustard PM3520B....big iron!......On to Woodcraft......saw what is possibly my bandsaw.....Steel City 18"....Jet 18".......Rikon 18"....side by side....Wednesday was a down day with only going to Rockler......

    While in Houston, I purchased a Hamlet 5/8" Lacer skew......"The Skew" dvd by Lacer......a Robert Sorby modular tool rest set........

    Upon arrival to Spokane airport Thursday afternoon, I drove to Lewiston, Idaho via the Woodcraft store in Spokane where I purchased some euro pen kits, a new barrel trimmer set, a Hamlet Lacer 1 1/4" skew and other small things......Here I got to see a large General International lathe....

    The tools I bought in Houston didn't make the trip home with us as the youngest is driving up to deliver a family heirloom to his older brother and will bring the tools I bought in Houston with him. Saved me trying to explain to the TSA what the big handled skew was for....and I sure didn't want to check it.....

    Photos of the tools I have here at 11:00

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    Well Ken sounds like you had a great time. Wonder what it would be like to win the lottery and then go to a eye candy store!! Thanks for sharing Ken.
    Bernie W.

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    Sounds like a grand time, a store, with actual turning tools and such inside of it........ will the wonders never cease!!

    We don't have any of those here in Japan, that I know of!

    Look forward to the pics, the BBQ pics as well as Chris's shop!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bernie Weishapl View Post
    Well Ken sounds like you had a great time. Wonder what it would be like to win the lottery and then go to a eye candy store!! Thanks for sharing Ken.

    It wouldn't really matter Bernie as you'd still walk out broke!

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    Chris Hartley sent me the photos he took while I was test driving his Robust American Beauty....named Beauty and he instilled me as the Official Godfather of Beauty.....what an honor!

    When you look at the photos...take in consideration....I quit smoking 18 months ago and started turning......I've put on 40 lbs of turning muscle.....Yes it's official turning muscle according to Bill Grumbine and who could argue with him?

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