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    Blank Question

    I don't have a lathe and I've never turned anything, but I figured this would be the place to ask this question....

    I was in Rockler the other day and I noticed that most if not all of their turning blanks were coated in a somewhat thick wax. What is the reason for this? Is it to keep the wood from drying out?

    Thanks !
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    Yes. Unless you do something with the green wood you are waisting $$. I suspect places like Rockler, Woodcraft, and those lumber yards with turning blanks may use bee's wax as a sealer, while the rest of us use anchorseal.

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    Sean......Most turning blocks are cut from wet, green wood. Most are coated with a water based wax to slow down the drying to prevent cracks and splits and checking etc. You really can't stop the drying but you can sure slow it down. Most turners rough turn "wet" blanks to a bowl for instance. They rough turn them to a wall and bottom thickness of 10% of the diameter. Then they use one of a couple drying methods to dry them (DeNatured Alcolhol soak and dry, boil and dry or liquid Dish Washing Liquid and dry) and then remount them on the lathe....finish turn and finish them. Wet wood turns like butter....dry wood can be extremely hard turning and requires a lot more tool sharpening.

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