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Thread: Roller Stand Modification

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    Roller Stand Modification

    Its amazing how you can whittle down the 'round-tuit' list while your waiting for glue to dry. Between glue ups on the workbench base I got 'round-tuit' on this roller stand mod. I picked up the roller stands on sale at Sears for $10.

    The roller bars are fine but the roller bearings never worked worth spit. I had picked up some casters at HF on sale for a buck apiece and finally got around to doing this modification.
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    Pretty clever Glenn. Wood will practically float over those.
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    Very nice ... i need to do something like that, myself ... the solid roller things suck when you have two pieces on there and only want to move one. Not to mention having to get them aligned absolutely right so they don't lead your piece away from where you want it to go.

    Great idea ... a buck each, eh? half dozen per ... $12 for a pair of properly-working roller stands? that's a bargain at twice the price!
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    Nice mod, Glen.

    A question for you, are the roller balls just poorly made, OR... is it maybe that they need more weight on them than just a board to work properly? The reason I ask this is that roller balls are used to make a "Ball Mat", and are used in the first pallet loading position on cargo planes just inside the large cargo door, (so you can change the direction of movement of the pallet. You can even turn something 90* that wouldn't otherwise fit through the cargo door, and they work great, but those, (or at least some of them) are built with fairly heavy springs inside them and they don't roll freely until there is some weight on them to compress the springs and free up the balls. If this is the case, you might mount them on a small square of plywood and then flip it over, and use it as a kind of dolly to move things around on, (like sheet goods, etc). On the other hand, if they're just poorly made, TRASH 'EM. Just a thought.
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