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Thread: If a DOG ruled the world

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    If a DOG ruled the world

    What if a Dog ruled the world . Okay lets put it in perspective.
    If a dog was in charge of the world, with the mental capacity to govern, and the ability to do so, with the attitude necessary to to be top dog, but with the disposition on the breed they are members of what dog do you think would be best in that position?

    My answer...
    I have a golden retriever that is so sweet, if she were the boss and could force people to do things, she would make people be nice, kind, and loving. What is so wrong about that? What is your choice and why.
    Have fun and be creative...
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    Of course I'd have to say Irish Setters. They'd say "To heck with the beaurocracy and decision making. Let's go chase the birds, squirrells and get one of the hoomans to throw the ball for us. And if that plastic thingy that sprays water sometimes pops out of the ground, let's dig it up!" Life would be fun.
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    Well, from our Spaniel's perspective, life is all about a tummy rub and a good romp. I don't think he would want the responsibility! The Airedale would set forth a policy to rid the world of squirrels, and require his minions to be available to play tug of war! The English Setter, however would have no problem being in charge of everything! Everyone would have to be set in their place and she has a firm belief that what is her is hers, and what is everyone else's is hers also! But once that is established, she is as sweet as they come!

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    In our house, this one is most definitely in charge:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    She would rule with an iron fist, but her subjects would get special favors if they have dog cookies to give. She's got some type of herding breed in her, and she makes sure everybody and everything is in the proper place.

    Our big black dog thinks ruling the world would be fun, be he doesn't have the attention span for it. (Hey Dad...let's play ball. Look! A butterfly!)

    I've gotta agree that a big doofy golden retriever would make a peaceful and benevolent ruler. A friend of ours has a young male golden, and he stays with us when his owner is out of town. Definitely a kind and gentle dog, although he and our big one like to wrassle in the back yard 'til they drop.
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    another vote

    for a golden retriever type, the best dog i ever had was a 3/4 golden with 1/4 lab. he was long haired and black.. the very best behaved and fun loving friend i ever had.. now webster is a mix of who nows what and is pretty goood too he listens well ,better than our politicians. and doesnt reguire much. he aint as large as sundown was 130lbs but he packs a lot in little package.. good for mileage that way, more aero dynamic and can fend for himself when the dog food runs dry. and helps keep our local roads free of dead critters he gathers then up and brings them home for us to properly dispose of them... another good point for a new governmental policy. so i vote for webster he gets along with cats well too so there again it shows good crediantails he isnt to prejudiced.
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    If Brisi ran the world.... But of course, Brisi *already* runs the world. She's a mini Australian Shepard, and she knows who is supposed to be where, and when, and especially in what order! Mini aussies are herders, but the made their living herding horses. They'd nip at their back heels, and then when the horse kicked, they'd duck. If a 25 pound dog has the courage to herd a bunch of horses, she's got the courage to make the world behave!



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